We use a threefold approach at Integrated Healing Medicine

First we work with system imbalances (physical or emotional).  As we age during our lifetimes, the body sometimes forgets what a normal healthy state feels like.  By identifying and assessing key issues our patients face in day to day activities which hinder optimal lifestyle enjoyment we can re-balance and reprogram the immune system.  Minimizing immune response change (physical/emotional) on a long term scale allows the body to naturally reset to a normal and neutral physiology.

Second we focus on the maintenance of optimal healthy state.

Third we utilize a unique fusion approach of Western and Alternative medicine.  In addition to the Eastern and Western fusion approach we use state of the art advanced technology and bioenergetics devices that have a longstanding history for healthcare in Europe and internationally.


Here at Integrated Healing Medicine and Wellness Center we strive create the healthiest lifestyles possible for a patients physical and emotional well-being through the modalities of:

  • Acupuncture
  • Bioenergetics
  • Functional Medicine
  • ABLE Pathway Program


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